About Us

Hello and welcome to Paint with Prakrathi

About Me: I am Prakrathi, a self-taught artist and an art educator. I have always been a creative soul. My childhood days were spent experimenting with various arts and crafts. Gradually academics, jobs and responsibilities took over. I have over 14 years of experience in IT. Over time, I gravitated towards my passion - painting. I re-started my art journey with Inktober in 2017 and from there I never looked back.

When I started, I was excited to learn about the many painting mediums and subjects. I practiced every day, in using different mediums and techniques. I took part in many workshops and art challenges in the online world. I was lacking a niche and style. Although, painting gave me immense happiness, my soul was not satisfied.

As I began exploring the options, the vast amount of information available online was overwhelming. With a focused objective to simplify the approach and enjoy the creative art of painting, I have dedicated the past 4 years to learning different techniques like blending, painting different components in different light settings, creating the right tone for the paintings and how to make the painting standout from the rest. Today, I am equipped with the knowledge, practice and smart techniques to provide a simple and enjoyable experience and to support and strengthen another artist's dream of painting with joy. Teaching painting suddenly gave me a sense of fulfillment I had never known before. I felt my soul align with this new found direction. I now understood why nature did not lead me to a particular style or subject. I was meant to teach different subjects in different mediums. I hope to bring in the same amount of contentment, joy and direction in your art journey too. I am creating this space in hopes of meeting more artists in pursuit of their art journey.

Paint with Prakrathi was born out of my passion to equip beginner artists with techniques in a well-structured manner and be able to paint confidently using reference images rather than painting tutorials. To be able to express themselves through the language of colours and textures. To make a fulfilling art rather than a studied art. To break free of the tradition and stereo type of falling into a category of art styles and niche. Come join me as we journey towards this beautiful world of paints.