Food Illustration Masterclass Recordings

A beginner friendly and complete guide to painting food illustration

Language: English

Instructors: Prakrathi Shenoy



Why this course?


Hello dear Artists,

Welcome to 4 days of Food Illustration masterclass using Gouache medium. You can use poster colors too. 

This tutorial is suitable for kids, beginners and intermediate artists. Through this tutorial you will learn

  • basics and techniques required to complete 3 projects that are part of the class
  • to paint several background effects that you can use in your other projects too
  • to understand basic composition of painting food illustartion
  • understand how to use colors to bring out the best in your works
  • to paint light and shadow effect
  • to paint a pizza, cupcake and english breakfast platter

Through this tutorial I want to help you to paint confidently and enjoy the process as well.

Leave your questions, comments or feedback in the discussion section of this tutorial. You can upload your class projects in the same place. Please do share your feedback to help me create better content in the future.

What you will need:

  • Paints: any set of Gouache paints (here I have used Himi Miya tubes set from Thoovi Arts. You can use Poster colors too if you don't have gouache)
  • Paper: Any paper of 200 gsm and above ( 6 nos)
  • Brushes: Flat Size: 6 or 8
          Round Size: 6, 2 or 4
  • Misc: Masking tape, pencil, eraser, compass or round object to draw  the plate, water container, waste cloth, tooth brush.

I suggest you start with whatever materials you have. The first step to learning is starting, which most beginners hesitate. I urge you to enjoy the process while you paint. The journey of learning to paint is filled with wonders.

I wish you a happy painting time.

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