Snowy Mountains - An easy acrylic painting

Language: English

Instructors: Prakrathi Shenoy

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Why this course?


Hello dear Artists,

Welcome to yet another art project. In this tutorial we will be painting a snowy mountiain and some reflections in the water.

Through this tutorial you will learn

- to paint snowy mountains

- to paint reflection in the water

- to paint reflection in water

- to create misty look in the foliage

Through this tutorial I want to help you to find it easy to paint in acrylics without feeling intimidated. Acrylic is a beautiful medium that allows you to paint many subjects in a beautiful and easy way. Acrylics are pocket friendly and easily available. Hence, I want to encourage you to try this medium.

 Leave your questions, comments or feedback in the discussion section of this tutorial. You can DM me on my instagram handle or email me your questions to the address mentioned below. I will try to help you out as best as I can.

What you will need:

- any set of Acrylic paints (here I have used Fabrica from Camlin 20 shades pack)

(you can use Gouache or Poster colors too if you don't have acrylics)

- a few flat and round brushes, angular brush(optional)

- any paper of 200gsm and above or canvas

- masking tape, cutters, pencil, eraser

I suggest you start with whatever materials you have. The first step to learning is starting, which most beginners hesitate. I urge you to enjoy the process while you paint. The journey of learning to paint is filled with wonders.





Happy Painting


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