Summer Workshop 2024

Language: English

Instructors: Prakrathi Shenoy

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Why this course?



Thank you for your interest in this course. I would love to introduce my favourite medium – Acrylics, through this course. This crash course is meant for those who have tried acrylics but find it difficult to understand how to make it work.

During this course, we will paint 3 beautiful paintings where I will simplify the process of achieving the desired results and share tips and tricks to make your artworks stand out among the rest.




Medium: Acrylics

Paints: Any basic set of 12 colours. Following are the colours that will be used in the class

Black, White, Sap green, Deep green/Viridian Hue, Light green, Yellow ochre, Burnt Sienna, Burnt umber, Lemon yellow, Deep yellow/chrome yellow/golden yellow, Ultramarine blue, Prussian Blue, Crimson

Surface: Canvas, A4 size (minimum 8 X 10 inches) - 3 pcs
Brushes: Flat: size – 8,2  Round:  size – 6, 000

Miscellaneous: Old rag, water container, pencil, eraser, extra papers for practice, flat palette( not with Wells)
Fee: Rs. 2000
Number of days: 5

Date: April 1st to 5th
Time: 5:30 to 7PM

Age: 10 years and above (some experience handling paint is required for this workshop; beginners might find the topic slightly advanced)


Day 1: Start with basics of acrylic and blending of colours.

Paint a beautiful landscape comprising of snowy mountains by waters, where we will learn to paint mountains, dense pine trees and reflection in the waters.

Day 2: We will understand how to create still life composition using everyday objects, importance of light and shadow and creative ways to create a textured wall.

Day 3: We will continue painting the still life and bring it to completion.

Day 4:  We start by creating base layers and colour blocking of the Girl & Dog in the beach scene.

Day 5: This day we conclude the course by finishing the Girl & Dog in the beach painting.

At the end of the course you will have created 3 beautiful paintings on your own. I will also share some references as practice work, where you can continue to explore all the skills learnt during the course.

I hope you will enjoy this course and find like minded artists to join you during your art journey.


  • All sketches required for the class are added to the course. Keep the sketch ready before the class begins.
  • Recordings of all days will be provided
  • Punctuality is expected everyday of the course. The class will begin sharp on time and will not cater to late comers. They can refer to class recordings for the missed part after the class.

Feel free to message me at 6366137070 for any queries or DM me on Instagram: .

See you in the class


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