Teddy Bear and Flowers

A beginner friendly Gouache tutorial

Language: English

Instructors: Prakrathi Shenoy

Why this course?


Hello dear Artists,

Here is a an easy Gouache tutorial to paint a cute teddy bear and a box of roses.

The instructions are very kids and beginner friendly and can be painted alog using either Gouache or Poster Colors. 

This painting would make a lovely gift to your dear ones. I hope you will paint this cute painting and surprise them.

In this tutorial I have used Himi Miya tubes set - 36 shade 

Through this tutorial you will learn to 

  • paint wooden grains
  • paintabstract roses in an easy way
  • understand the importance of light and shadow in a painting
  • how to apply glazing and blurring effects.

I hope you give this a try. Leave your questions, comments or feedback in the discussion section of this tutorial. 

What you will need:

  • any set of gouache or poster paints 
  • a few flat and round brushes, liner brush
  • any paper of 200gsm and above 
  • masking tape, pencil, eraser, scale, water container, old rag

I wish you a fun and happy time painting!


Instagram: www.instagram.com/prakrathishenoy

Youtube: www.youtube.com/@prakrathishenoy

Email: paintwithprakrathi@gmail.com

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